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Measuring Tools include any device, apparatus or equipment used for estimating the value of some quantity in terms of a standard unit. There are measuring tools for everything you can imagine. You can measure everything from the temperature to weight, distance, electricity or voltage, force, and pressure. Tools for industrial applications can include everything from calculators, calipers, laser chalklines and levels to tape measures, measuring wheels, pipe locators and scales. These measuring tools are predominantly used by professionals in the plumbing, food processing, agriculture, automotive, construction, woodworking and material handling industries. They are not only used for measuring things so that they can work together with other components, but so that products can be traded in a fair way.

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Measuring Wheel Measuring Wheels
Check out Northern Tools for this one person measuring wheel - the ideal choice for construction and surveying pros. It displays measurements in feet-inches, decimal feet, inches, yards, meters, and acres... and remembers your choice of units. 4ft. wheel with no-scuff rubber tread. Shaft adjusts from 13" to 31". Features start/stop key, auto count and auto shutoff. Includes wrist strap and 4 AAA batteries for 400+ hours of life.
Precision Measuring Kit Measuring Kits
Everyone likes to be precise. Its easy to be precise with this measuring kit. The Precision Measuring Kit contains four of the most common measuring and marking tools used by mechanics and machinists. A 6" Dial Caliper, a Utility Micrometer, a Carbide Scriber, and a 6" Stainless Steel Rule. A great kit for machinists, welders, and mechanics. Search for "Measuring Kits" - Global Industrial

Measuring Tool Categories

Chalk Lines - a chalked string used to make a straight line on a vertical surface.
Calipers - devices used to meaure the diameters of cylinders and the diameters and depths of holes.
Levels - mechanical or electronic devices that measure the inclination of a surface relative to the earth's surface.
Marking Tools -
Plumb Bobs - consists of a heavy weight suspended on a string. By suspending the plumb bob near the supposedly vertical part of a structure, such as a wall or fence post, the amount of deviation from true vertical can be seen relative to the string. Project Calculators -
Rulers -
Squares - consist of two arms that are at right angles, or 90°, to each other. Used for measuring dimensions and angles. A combination square can measure both inside and outside 90° and 45° angles.
Tape Measures
Measuring Wheels -
Scales - weighing scales for measuring the mass and weight of an object.
Sensors and Scanners - stud sensors, metal detectors, circuit finders, leak alert devices.
Force Gauges -
Land Surveying
- device used to calculate the area of a planar region.
Pressure and Vacuum Gauges - Thickness Gauges

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